Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Shackles, light cables, and straps?

Yes! Our Trailers have the recommended 1000kg rated shackles, We have an assortment of light leads & adapters.
However, straps are not included when hiring a trailer.

What Paper Work is required to Hire a Trailer?

Once you select your Trailer to Hire, we will complete a Trailer Hire Agreement Form with you.

This will ouline:

  • The Type of Hire,
  • The Duration of the Hire,
  • The Condition of the Hire, and contain our General Terms and Conditions of Hire.

The Complete Terms and Conditions are viewable on our Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions page.

We will take a Photocopy of your Drivers Licence, and attach a copy of the EFTPOS reciept to the form.

Finally both yourself and one of Ballan Trailer Hire’s Representatives will sign the agreement and show you to your trailer to walk over anything you need to know about it, and to confirm the general condition.

What do I need to show you to Hire a Trailer?

Bring your drivers licence with you to Pick-Up your hire. A copy will be kept with your Hire Agreement in case we require it.

We will take a photocopy of your licence and keep a secure copy for the duration of your hire in line with our Privacy Policy.

Are there any hidden costs involved when hiring a trailer ?

We will hold a $200 deposit using out EFTPOS machine as a pre-authorisation at the time of Pick-Up.
Any Toll Road charges are charged to your vehicle by the Toll Road Operator.
All Fines / Penalties incurred by incorrectly towing a Trailer are the responsibility of the driver.
A $25 Cleaning fee may be applicable if the Trailer is returned extremely dirty.
Other minor penalties may apply and are outlined in our Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions.

How does the Refundable Deposit work?

We will hold a $200 deposit using our EFTPOS machine as a pre-authorisation at the time of Pick-Up.

When you hire a trailer, and collect it, we will place a temporary hold against your Credit / Debit Card.

This is not charged to your account and is cleared when the trailer is returned in good condition. 

The Pre-Authorisation is usually returned to your balance in 2-3 business days – please check with your bank for more information.

Can you help me connect the trailer to my vehicle?

We have fully qualified mechanics on duty, and expert staff available during business hours to assist you if needed.

Can I Hire a trailer for the weekend?

You can, We offer a weekend rate with Pickup on either Friday night or Saturday Morning, and Returning on Monday Morning. Ask us if your needs differ from our standard times.

Can I do interstate hire?

No. Ballan Trailer Hire only allows for travel within Victoria, and have no Pick Up or Drop Off Locations other than Ballan.
All of our Trailers are Registered in Victoria.

Does My Hire Include Insurance?

No. Damages incurred during the hire period will be paid for through either a security deposit (Paid at the beginning of your hire), or via your own personal insurance.

Can I cancel my Hire booking and are there any cancellation fees involved?

You can cancel your booking at any time prior to your collection of the Trailer.
We do ask that you call us as early as possible when cancelling on 03 5368 1968.

I am not going to make it back to Ballan on time to return my trailer.

Our Trailers are often booked out in advance and may not be available to extend your hire. We will try to accommodate your return of the Trailer if you are returning outside of business hours after advising us of your delay. 

Please let us know if your plans change. Late fees may be charged or taken from your deposit.
We do ask that you call us as early as possible when delayed on 03 5368 1968.

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